Monday, September 24, 2012

Emergency Kit Cook-Off Still Looking for Recipes

Whether you’re an aspiring iron chef or a completely uninspired lover of all things frozen and microwavable (like myself), there’s still time for you to submit a recipe in the 2012 Emergency Kit Cook-Off.

The Cook-Off is a fun way to get involved during National Preparedness Month, and will put your mixing, whisking and seasoning skills to the test. It’s inspired by the contents of a 72-hour emergency kit, a kit that includes enough supplies for three days and should include first aid supplies, non-perishable food, drinking water, a flashlight, batteries and a radio

After perusing a few of the already submitted recipes, I tried one of them out for myself. A disclaimer here: I tried the easiest one that seemed to require the least amount of effort. Remember I said earlier I’m the opposite of an iron chef? I went with the “Must-have GORP recipe” submitted by Victoria Harp of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s SO easy. You take peanuts, mixed nuts, raisins, M&M’s and mini Oreos, put them all in a plastic bag and shake it up. My philosophy is you can never have too much chocolate, so I added mini chocolate chips, too. And tada – you’ve got a yummy treat that can be made in an emergency when you might not have access to that Kitchen-Aid mixer or electric grill. It’d be a pretty good snack for hiking, fishing or camping, too.

The Mile High Chapter had its own Cook-Off this month with employees and volunteers cooking up a storm with disaster-proof supplies. Our winners, Jenny Cown and Mary Hastings, made no-bake peanut butter cookies and five-minute green chili. Yum!

If you want to submit your own recipe, here are the rules:

  1. Your recipe has to highlight one or more of the 2012 Kit ingredients and use other non-perishable pantry items, including (but restricted to) seasonings, condiments, sweeteners and potable water.
  2. You must use manual appliances like can openers and whisks where feasible. If you have to use the microwave or stovetop, you can, but please use manual appliances where you can. 
The last day to submit recipes is September 30, so get cooking and preparing!

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