Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meet Your Bloggers: Cassie Schoon


My name is Cassie Schoon, and I’ve accepted the challenge of being a volunteer blogger for the American Red Cross. In my work here, I will focus on issues surrounding fund development and volunteer services. While I’ve been blogging all around the Internet since 2003, volunteering is pretty new to me. I’d like to tell you a little bit about the journey that brought me to this corner of the Web.

I’m a Colorado native, born and bred in Boulder County. When I was 11 years old, I took a Red Cross babysitting course at the YMCA, and I’ve grown up admiring the work that the Red Cross has done in places close to my heart. I remember seeing the Red Cross’s iconic logo during the fires in Malibu that claimed the home of my aunt and uncle, and popping up in photos from my sister’s Peace Corps deployment in southern Africa. I had always thought that Red Cross volunteers needed to be strong (at least strong enough to heft boxes full of shelter supplies) or specially trained (to help people who required psychological or medical treatment). I was delighted to find out that someone like me (someone with a Bachelor’s in English who spends more time writing in a journal than working out) could also contribute to the work of this organization.

Currently, I’m working on a Master’s degree in communication and public relations at CU Denver. I had decided well before beginning my degree program that I wanted to apply it to the non-profit world; and I’m hoping that this blog will be a stepping stone to more engagement with NGOs and non-profit organizations in a writing capacity.

For my work here with The Mile High Region of the Red Cross, my posts will focus primarily on what it means to be a Red Cross volunteer, what volunteers do and who they are, as well as sharing stories about our donors and insights into the ways fund development helps the Red Cross continue its mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. I’m excited to learn more about this side of the Red Cross, and to report on these vital parts of the organization.

When I’m not blogging, working or studying, I like to go to local music shows, experiment with various crafts and cooking styles, and spend afternoons at thrift stores. I look forward to working with the Red Cross here and on other projects, advancing the dialogue between the organization and those who wish to offer their time and resources to the Red Cross mission.

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