Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meet your Bloggers: Lindsay Haller

Hello my fellow Red Cross-ers! I am a Pennsylvania native, and have lived in the Denver area for the past five years.  Like many other transplants, I moved here for the skiing, but fell in love with the summers: mine are filled with backpacking trips, climbing, hitting up Rockies games, biking around town and soaking up the sun. 

Since I've been fortunate enough to explore and enjoy the gorgeous outdoor playground that is our state, naturally, the wildfires this summer were devastating to witness, and really hit home for me. I had always thought about volunteering but wasn't sure how to get involved, so I decided to reach out through the Red Cross volunteer website and check out the opportunities.  I initially chose Disaster Assistance, but with my degrees in Communications & English, and experience working in marketing/event planning, becoming a member of the Red Cross Communications team seemed like a perfect match for both my skill set and other full-time work commitments.

Even with a regular day job, I can see how people like me can donate their time and talents in a meaningful way, and I am really looking forward to contributing to the new Red Cross blog. I'll be blogging about Health and Safety, with stories related to CPR, First Aid, AEDs and other lifesaving skills that the Red Cross teaches. Leave me some blog ideas in the comments section if you have topics you'd like to see discussed!


  1. this is awesome. skills based volunteering is the coolest- good work Lindsay!

    1. Thanks so much Dan! I hope you enjoy reading :)