Friday, October 5, 2012

Mile High Region Adopts Volunteer Connection Tool

For everyone seeking something online, there is usually a service to find it. Through the magic of the Web search, millions of Americans have found jobs, cars, even soul-mates uniquely suited to them. And now, thanks to a new system donated by Grainger, the American Red Cross has launched an interactive tool for new and existing Red Cross volunteers to find the perfect opportunity for every individual looking for a way to serve their community.

Volunteer Connection, launched in 16 Red Cross pilot chapters earlier this year, is an interactive, engaging, nationwide tool that offers advanced search capabilities and consolidated volunteer data to match potential and existing volunteers with opportunities that maximize their skills, availability, and unique interests. Volunteer Connection enables volunteers to more actively engage in their volunteer experience – sharing their stories, communicating with fellow volunteers, uploading photos, scheduling themselves for shifts and more.

The Mile High Region launched its Volunteer Connection site on Oct. 2. With this new site, Mile High Region volunteers can now run comprehensive searches for opportunities and to complete preliminary recruitment and background-check tasks in one online location. The database also incorporates features that track training and scheduling data, which will allow volunteers to offer their time as they are available and log completed training courses in their online records. Meanwhile, on the back-end of the database, Red Cross volunteer coordinators have gained access to a comprehensive list of available, qualified volunteers with specific skills and training to call upon as the need arises.

Here's a YouTube video that runs down the basics of Volunteer Connection, and shows how both volunteers and Red Cross volunteer coordinators will benefit from this powerful tool.

Interested in trying it out? Visit the Volunteer section of and click on the application link (if you’re not yet a Red Cross volunteer) or the Volunteer Connection link (if you’re an existing Red Cross volunteer).

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