Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pikes Peak Chapter: Red Cross Provides Comfort and Hot Chocolate To Families Affected by the Wetmore Wildfire

Residents whose homes were taken by the Wetmore wildfire were allowed to view their property Thursday morning. Custer County provided transportation for more than 20 people to enter the burn area to witness the destruction that occurred when the wildfire raged through their properties.

Red Cross volunteers brought hot chocolate and coffee to help warm the residence on a cold Thursday morning. Grief and Trauma volunteers were also available and went along with the residence into the burn area. Red Cross volunteer Tracy Barber was one of those counselors that went along with the residents.

"The mood was somber and it was difficult for some to see what had happened", Tracey said, "however all were grateful for the opportunity to see things firsthand."

Those residence will not be able to start the cleanup effort until fire in the burn area stabilizes which could be several days. Volunteers from the Pikes Peak Area Chapter will be doing bulk distribution of clean up supplies at the Custer County Disaster Assistance Center this weekend.

Story written by Red Cross volunteer Bill Fortune. Photos by Red Cross volunteer Matthew Martinez.

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