Monday, December 24, 2012

A message of thanks and hope from our CEO

I'd like to take a moment to reflect during these closing days of 2012, as we gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.

Our Colorado community and our country have endured so much this year - from the Lower North Fork Fire and Waldo Canyon to Superstorm Sandy, from Aurora to New Town, and all the heart-wrenching moments in between.

Whether an act of nature or an act of man, it can be difficult to fathom the depth of loss. We don’t pretend to have the answers as to why such things happen, but we can tell you this: time and time again, we have seen that when disaster strikes and darkness descends, good people come together to extend compassion and aid to those affected most dearly.

While the lives lost cannot be revived and the homes and treasures lost can never be fully recovered, as a community and nation we have experienced first-hand the outpouring of kindness that human beings are capable of – the type of selfless giving that helps dispel despair and bring hope that, yes, together we can triumph over tragedy.

For the American Red Cross, tens of thousands of people in Colorado and across our country gave generously to help when fires destroyed livelihoods in our home state, and again when Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast.
   Hundreds of volunteers in communities all over Colorado gave their time to answer the call for help, working 12- to 16-hour days for weeks at a time to help bring food, shelter, emotional support and basic health services to victims.
   More than 2,000 of your fellow Colorado residents give their time on a regular basis rendering acts of kindness in response to the small disasters that occur daily and helping us train people to prevent and respond to emergencies like heart attacks and home fires. Many other not-for-profit organizations can say similar things this year and nearly every year.

Despite all the difficulties we’ve faced in 2012, I’m convinced now more than ever that people are inherently good, and collectively the good overcomes.
   For every dollar that you have donated to any non-profit, thank you; your gifts have directly helped people in need.
   For every hour you have volunteered, thank you; your time has not only accomplished good work, but has helped build faith in humanity.
   And for every tear you have shed and prayer you have said, thank you; your compassion is the spirit that empowers us all to take action when faced with the worst, and to rebuild with hope for a better tomorrow.

Wishing you all peace and kindness during this season of giving,
Gino Greco,
Regional CEO, Red Cross Mile High Region

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