Monday, December 3, 2012

Red Cross responds to 2 wildfires in northern Colorado

Dec. 3, 2012 - The Red Cross mobilized resources and operated a shelter and an evacuation center in response to two separate wildfires Friday through early Monday morning.

Red Cross workers opened a shelter at Estes Park High School early Saturday morning, Dec. 1, to provide a safe place for residents evacuating from the Fern Lake fire. About 50 residents had checked in to the shelter by 9 a.m. that morning. Red Cross workers staffed the shelter overnight Saturday, but no evacuees chose to stay overnight at the shelter. As some evacuations were lifted, the Red Cross closed the shelter after serving lunch on Sunday, leaving supplies and a team on standby in case the situation changed.

Around 4 a.m. Monday, Dec. 3, Red Cross volunteers opened an evacuation center in the Livermore Community Church for residents evacuating from a fire in the Red Feathers Lake area. Fortunately, firefighters were able to make progress on the fire – a structure fire that turned into a wildfire – and evacuations were lifted around 5 a.m.

If There Are Reports of a Wildfire in Your Area:

• Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

• Listen to local radio and television stations for updated emergency information.

• Always back your car into the garage or park it in an open space facing the direction of escape.

• Confine pets to one room so that you can find them if you need to evacuate quickly.

• Arrange for temporary housing at a friend or relative’s home outside the threatened area.

• Listen and watch for air quality reports and health warnings about smoke.

• Keep indoor air clean by closing windows and doors to prevent outside smoke from getting in.

• Use the recycle or re-circulate mode on the air conditioner in your home or car.

• When smoke levels are high, do not use anything that burns and adds to indoor air pollution, such as candles, fireplaces and gas stoves.

• If you have asthma or another lung disease, follow your health care provider's advice and seek medical care if your symptoms worsen.

Find more information about wildfire safety, response and recovery at or by downloading the free Red Cross Wildfire App for iPhones and Android platforms. You can download the app from your Google Play or Apple store by searching the term "Red Cross."

In Larimer County go to to register for free emergency notifications if there is an evacuation notice issued in your area.

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