Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Superbowl Weekend...(Even Though My Team Isn't Playing this Year)

Christmas present from my hubby!

As a life-long, die-hard Washington Redskins fan, my friends are quite familiar with me making statements like: “they are going to give me a freaking heart attack!” during pretty much any and all games. If you’ve never had the stress pleasure of watching the Redskins play a football game, you may not be aware: this team has an uncanny ability to let their opponents hang around until late, very very late in the game. Many a time, this has resulted in a heartbreaking last-play-of-the-game loss, which of course results in utter devastation for their diehard fans (yours truly). Thank goodness for my boy RGIII, and yes, his knee will be just fine thankyouverymuch.

My sisters and I tailgating at FedEx Field several years ago
 Playoffs, as the Redskins are certainly never a shoo-in, only exacerbate my moments of panic, of course. The ‘Skins haven’t been in the Superbowl since 1991, when they defeated the Buffalo Bills. I was only in the 4th grade, so my football-mania wasn’t fully developed by then (luckily). So I can only hazily imagine how excited 49er and Ravens fans are for the big weekend coming up – Superbowl games blow regular and playoff game-day stress levels out of the water, I’m sure.

Even though I always joke about giving myself a heart attack through anxiety, cardiac arrest is a pretty serious deal. Be sure you and your loved ones are CPR trained and prepared in the unlucky event that you ever encounter someone suffering from cardiac arrest (whether or not it’s favorite-football-team induced!).

Check out to see the options available through the Red Cross and...Happy Superbowl Weekend! Next year maybe it'll be a 'Skins vs. Broncos Bowl...which would make a lot of us Mile High-ers pretty happy.

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