Thursday, January 10, 2013

Training Online and In-Person for your Convenience

Did you know the Red Cross now offers blended online learning for our popular certifications? If you've been thinking of taking a First Aid, CPR/AED class to be better prepared for emergencies, or if you need a certification to go after your next job, such as a Lifeguard or First Responder, it's never been easier to take a Red Cross class!

Blended online learning allows you to begin the class on our website. You can learn, study, and test out of each capability that is required for certification at your convenience in the evenings, weekends, or whenever you have access to a computer for a few hours. Once you've tested out of each competency or mastered the techniques, you're ready for time with the instructor.

In the span of just an hour to hour and a half, you'll demonstrate all your learnings to the Red Cross instructor and be on your way in less than half the time as regular classes in the past!

Added benefits of blended learning, besides saving you time in a classroom, include:
  • ability to "test out" of different competencies online, for those just renewing a certification;
  • access to all the materials on our website for brushing up for up to two years;
  • all certifications are OSHA-approved, unlike other online classes, because you still demonstrate for the instructor;
  • online classes are available for individuals, professionals, and group organizations.
Become more prepared now! Sign up at

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