Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spotlight on Saving Lives: Tanner Voss

In May 2012, Tanner Voss was at a friend’s house at a party. His friend, Aaron, was lying on the couch not feeling well, then ran into the bathroom to be sick. Moments later Aaron rushed out and was pounding on his chest, trying to loosen whatever was blocking his airway – not what you typically see
when someone is choking. Tanner immediately knew his friend was in a life or death situation. He grabbed Aaron from behind and performed repeated abdominal thrusts until Aaron threw up and was able to breathe again.

It was probably just 20 seconds from beginning to end of the situation, but Tanner’s training and quick- thinking from CPR and Lifeguard training saved his friend’s life. Surprisingly, he felt rattled much more so than the victim! As a lifeguard, Tanner goes to work every day expecting this could happen, but instead, a life or death situation occurred when he least expected it. Between his friend’s body language and his own instincts, he was able to react automatically and naturally.

As a result of this incident, many of Tanner’s friends wanted to take CPR training to be more prepared. As many people witnessed that night, saving a stranger – or a friend – can come down to you and you alone. The good news is, it’s not difficult to take the class and be prepared for anything. Only a small investment of time (6-8 hours) can make the biggest difference. Visit to sign up now.

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