Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Your Bloggers: Kristin Greco

Hello!  My name is Kristin Greco.  I’m a new blogger for the Red Cross and I will be bringing you stories about clients and the services provided to them through the Red Cross.

At Disney World with
my husband and kids.
I was born in northern Wisconsin, lived in Alaska for a handful of years and then moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with my family when I was in elementary school.  I graduated from the University of Colorado (Boulder) with a degree in Journalism and Advertising and worked as a marketing manager for many years before having three kids in 3 years and then taking some time off to raise our kids.  I’ve always been passionate about writing and I’m looking forward to this opportunity to start writing again while conveying stories from clients of the Red Cross.

Before having kids, I would have said my interests were traveling, skiing and creative endeavors.  Now that our kids are getting a little older, those things have become our family’s passions.  We all enjoyed skiing together this past season at Winter Park, Copper Mountain and Steamboat.  It’s been so fun to see my kids develop a love for something that was such a big part of my life growing up in a ski resort.  We also love to travel and go camping with our kids.  Our weekends are full with the kids’ sporting events – soccer, flag football and taekwondo.  It’s a busy household rounded out by a dog, a cat and a guinea pig.

My connection to the Red Cross is through my husband, who knows a little bit about the organization – he is the CEO for the Mile High Region.  I’ve always known about the Red Cross, but I have loved hearing stories from my husband about the people the organization has helped, the incredible number of people who volunteer and the numerous programs that are offered.  It really is an amazing organization and I hope to spread awareness of all the wonderful things the Red Cross does for Colorado.  

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  1. Welcome aboard Kristin! We are happy to have you as a new Red Cross volunteer and look forward to reading your future blogs!