Thursday, June 13, 2013

Evacuated Families Hoping For The Best

Story and photo by Bill Fortune, PA Volunteer

Julie Bohatch and her family were evacuated from their home Tuesday evening as the Black Forest Fire surged in their direction. Their home is located on the border of the mandatory evacuation zone and just a short distance from a fire station. "We are hoping that being close to a fire station will help our home survive," said Bohatch. "We had to move fast so we gathered the important things, the kids, the cat and the dogs, and just took off as fast as we could."

Julie and her family arrived at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs where the Red Cross had opened an evacuation shelter. She joined the other families that have similar stories. Julie feels that the attitude in the shelter is one of optimism and hope, while recognizing the seriousness of the emergency. "I keep trying to look on the bright side of things and try to stay happy," she said.

Julie is very appreciative of the service provided by the Red Cross and grateful to New Life Church for making the shelter available. She has been pleased with the level of service by the Red Cross. "They even found a phone charger so that I can keep my phone running," Bohatch said. "That is just amazing."

While they are all concerned about the fate of their home, they all know that it doesn't help much to worry and that the best thing do is to hope for the best.

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