Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kids Help the Red Cross Help Others

Story By Bill Fortune

In every disaster there is an outpouring of support for those that are suffering.  Some people volunteer their time and some prefer to make monetary donations.  Often the first people who feel the need to help are children so it is no surprise when they pitch in to make a difference. Here are three examples of local children who have stepped up to help those affected by the Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Taylor Pruett, age 12, presents his hard earned donation
to Liz Jordan, Emergency Services Director, Pikes Peak Chapter
Taylor Pruett, age 12: The Black Forest Fire began on June 11. The fire raged through the area and the television was inundated with footage of burning homes. Taylor saw the need and told his dad that he wanted to help. So, Taylor, along with a friend, decided to open a lemonade stand so that they could collect money to help with the disaster relief effort. On June 14, 2013, Taylor and his dad brought an envelope containing $101.75 to the Pikes Peak Area Chapter in Colorado Springs. “I just wanted to help the Red Cross help those people,“ Taylor said as he handed the envelope to Emergency Services Director Liz Jordan.

Heather Heath(left) works alongside volunteer Ethyl Styron
Heather Heath, age 16: Heather’s family home was in the pre-evacuation area not far from the Black Forest Fire. She saw on television that the Red Cross was providing support to all of the families and knew that there had to be place for her to help. She contacted the Pikes Peak Chapter office and they quickly enrolled her as a spontaneous volunteer. Heather has worked at the Disaster Response headquarters and at the Red Cross aid station in Black Forest. “I was worried about my friends that might have lost their homes,” Heather said, “This makes me feel like I’m doing something and I like to volunteer.” Heather has worked many hours helping the Red Cross help others.

Fernando Dominguez, Age 11, presents a donation
to Job Director Jaici Murcia
Fernando Dominguez, age 11: Fernando is a member of the Red Cross Club Red at Atlas Preparatory School in Colorado Springs. He decided that the best way to help was to collect donations from other students. With the help and support of Kate Chadwick, who leads the Club Red program at the school, Fernando went student-to-student and teacher-to- teacher asking for donations to help the disaster response. “Club Red has taught me about the Red Cross and the good work that it does,” Fernando said. “I want to be in the Air Force when I grow up but the Red Cross would be a good job too.”  Fernando collected $35 at his school. He brought an envelope to the Disaster Response headquarters and presented it to Jaici Murcia, the Disaster Response Job Director.

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