Monday, June 3, 2013

Mile High Chapter Launches Behind the Red

Behind the Red, an “active professional group” that supports the Red Cross through volunteerism, fundraising and advocacy, made its official debut last week at an event emceed by Kyle Clark, anchor of 9News.

Cori Plotkin Streetman and Sarah Hogan, co-chairs of Behind the Red, bring years of experience in fostering corporate-nonprofit partnerships to this new group in order to “roll up our sleeves, help Colorado and give something back to the community.”

Behind the Red members also look forward to developing their leadership potential within the Red Cross organization.  Representing a valuable demographic to one of the world’s most recognizable and reliable support organizations, they bring an action-oriented agenda targeted at assisting the Red Cross in “responding to everyday needs in our community.”

Outside Mile High Station, a shiny, new, Red Cross emblazoned disaster vehicle was parked as a visual reminder that Behind the Red was hoping to raise $25,000 to provide a new one to the Mile High Chapter.  

The first Behind the Red service project is scheduled for Saturday, June 8th, at Heil Valley Ranch, part of Parks and Open Space in Boulder County.  “We won’t know exactly what the ranger will have us doing,” said Mieke Scheirer who is organizing the project for Behind the Red.  “We may be planting trees, seeding various areas or raking ruff, but it will be good for the park as well as fun for our BTR volunteers!” 

Gino Greco, Regional Chief Executive Officer of the Mile High Chapter, said that launching “an affinity group like Behind the Red” represented a vision that he had for the Red Cross and thanked the governing council and board for making it a reality.  He reiterated that “every day, one of us is touched, in one way or another, by the Red Cross.”  Behind the Red would be a great addition to the “power and passion of the Red Cross volunteer community.”

On a lighter note, The Whisk Beat provided a most entertaining and eclectic set of songs by three guys drumming on a variety of metal pots, pans and plastic tubs.   Utilizing recognizable kitchen supplies and a “deep rhythmic knowledge” of music from around the globe, they provided a lively introduction for Cori Streetman as she welcomed attendees and officially launched Behind the Red as a new vehicle for supporting the Red Cross.

For more information about joining Behind the Red, send an email to:  To sign up for the June 8th volunteer day at Heil Valley Ranch, email Mieke Scheirer at:

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