Sunday, June 23, 2013

Red Cross Feeds South Fork Evacuees and Firefighters

Story by Patricia Kemp
Photos by Lynette Lyman

Derek Gentry moved in his new place on Thursday. Friday he evacuated South Fork. Saturday morning he found his way to the Red Cross shelter at Del Norte High School for a hot meal and updates about the wildfires in southwest Colorado. 
South Fork resident Derek Gentry and his dog Inca visit the
Red Cross Del Norte shelter for a wam meal and updates
on the wildfires. 

“This fire is brutal,” said Derek of the inferno that’s threatening his small mountain village of 400 townspeople.

All residents were ordered to evacuate. The river guide had 45 minutes to escape to a friend’s house as smoke and haze filled the air. He grabbed his dog Inca and food for her, but left in a hurry without anything for himself to eat. The homemade cinnamon rolls and egg casserole baked by the local Amish community at the shelter hit the spot.
The Red Cross also made three trips to the South Fork Fire Department delivering meals made by the Amish to feed hungry firefighters battling the blaze. 
Bill Werner, Disaster Relief Coordinator for the St. Luis Valley,
delivers meals to firefighters in South Fork. 

Firefighters and evacuated residents of the small town are grateful for the support of the Red Cross and the community to have a warm meal waiting for them.  The Red Cross will continue to support disaster relief by providing food to people affected by the wildfires.
The Red Cross is partnering with the local Amish community
to provide meals to firefighters and evacuated residents of South Fork.

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