Thursday, June 20, 2013

Red Cross Nurse is an Angel in the Black Forest

Story by Patricia Kemp
Photos by Emery Graham

She’s been hailed as an angel by Black Forest residents, but Pam Robinson, RN is just doing what comes natural as a Red Cross nurse.
Pat Robinson, RN
Robinson roams the halls at the El Paso County Disaster Assistance Center. When she sees someone in distress, she’ll ask in a soft and soothing voice if she can sit with them. Her quite compassion shines a beam of hope to residents in the dark days after the fire.
Homeless and heartbroken over the loss of her home, Brooke Ash, holding her six-month-old daughter Lilianna, found Robinson sitting beside her June 18 at the disaster assistance center.
Brooke fled her home with only the clothes on her back and Lilianna in her arms. She recounts the last few days of turmoil crisscrossing the town, staying with different friends. Brooke tells Robinson the hardest part is watching her daughter go through this and longs for stability.
Through her network of partnering agencies, Robinson finds Brooke and her baby a place to stay. She also finds infant supplies like formula, diapers and pacifiers for the young mother.

“I’m so touched by her kindness,” said Brooke. “I wasn’t looking for her, but she found me. An angel found me.”    

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