Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Preparedness Success Story at Quincy Ridge Apartments

Since November 2012, the American Red Cross in Colorado has been working with the Aurora Fire Department to create an extension of their Apartment Managers Fire Prevention Training Program.  Aurora Fire teaches a full day class for apartment managers on how to prevent fires at their properties, and the Red Cross has offered to work with each of those properties, once they’re trained, on preparedness projects with their residents and staff.

Becky Karlin at Quincy Ridge Apartments is the first property manager to take Aurora Fire and the Red Cross up on this offer, and she put together a great Community Day on Saturday, August 24. Approximately 53 people attended the event, barbequed, played on fire and police vehicles, got info from Farmers Insurance and received a personalized Disaster Preparedness training from the Red Cross.  

James Knight (complete with awesome 'stache)
shows how he is getting prepared
“The Aurora Fire Department is excited to be building partnerships with like-minded organizations to help our community members be prepared, knowing that the time to prepare for an emergency is not during the emergency,” said Captain Diane Lord, PIO – Community Relations for the Aurora Fire Department.

For Karlin and her residents, the feeling was mutual.

“The residents and staff of Quincy Ridge Apartments would like to thank the Red Cross, Aurora Fire Department, and our Aurora Police Department PAR Officer for taking time on a Saturday to attend our Community Preparedness Day,” said Karlin, Apartment Manager at Quincy Ridge. “Natural disasters and emergencies are very real events that we all have a responsibility to be prepared for.”

The Red Cross, for our part, is always eager to get willing communities prepared.

Chloe, Chyenne, and Elijah say they're getting prepared by
"getting a backpack full of supplies in case of emergency."
“Not one of us can be prepared for disasters on our own, in isolation,” said Cari Wheat, Community Preparedness and Resiliency Manager for the American Red Cross. “It has to be a community effort; one where we get to know the people that we’ll be helping and be helped by during disasters.”

So, what’s next? The Red Cross plans to work with Quincy Ridge and Aurora Fire to plan some fire drills and other disaster preparedness projects with residents, and hopefully develop a resident council that will own this type of planning in the future.

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