Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back-To-School Preparedness Tips!

by Marci Murray

Summer is quickly coming to a close; school will be starting again all too soon (if it hasn't already for your family). Preparing for school is more than new school supplies and clothes, however. Don’t forget to add these items to your back-to-school list to keep your family healthy and safe:

  • Immunizations—Visit the State of Colorado Health and Welfare website ( to learn which immunizations are required and recommended for different age levels.
  • Emergency Contact Information—If you or your emergency contact has moved or changed phone numbers, don’t forget to update this information with your children’s school and/or day care.
  • Home Security—If children may be home alone after school, ensure smoke and security alarms function, exterior doors lock, exterior lights come on, and garage door and/or security system codes work.
  • House Rules—If children may be home alone after school, establish rules addressing situations such as when a stranger knocks on the front door, if friends are allowed when no adults are home, and what activities are permissible while unsupervised.
  • Family Emergency Plan—Create and practice plans for home, neighborhood, or city-wide emergencies. Include family and community phone numbers, a neighborhood meeting place, and the disaster/first-aid supplies kit. 

Visit to create an individual family emergency plan.

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