Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet Your Bloggers: Kendra Uhl

Hey everyone! My name is Kendra Uhl. I am excited to be joining the team as a preparedness blogger.

I am in my last semester of senior year in Political Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver. I was born and raised in Arvada, CO. After high school I lived briefly in California and Washington, respectively. I loved both, but I missed seeing the mountains on my morning commute, 300 days of sunshine, and the incomparable Colorado sunsets. So I came home to Colorado for college.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, biking and touring our great state. I was fortunate to have time this summer for an abundance of all three. When possible I am accompanied by my 160 pound mastiff, Fang, named after the mastiff in Harry Potter which I grew up reading and still adore, but my literary love does not stop there. If I am not working, studying or adventuring, I am most likely reading. Currently I am working my way through a list of classics. And now, I am eager to be adding Red Cross events to my off-time activities.

This is my first position with the Red Cross, but I have been volunteering with other institutions for a little over a year. It has given me a focus for my passion and direction that I didn’t have before. Out of that passion and direction has grown a goal to apply and hopefully serve in the Peace Corps. I am slowly, but surely, learning French for a likely assignment in Africa. Also to that end, I applied with the Red Cross to bolster my volunteer experience. Whether or not that goal is realized I am glad to be here blogging for the Red Cross.

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