Friday, August 30, 2013

Wray Community Helps Elderly Woman

This is the story of how one act of kindness can build into a network of help.

When an elderly lady fell outside a store in Wray, Colo., Brad Weese could have simply helped her up, brushed her off and sent her on her way.  But he went above and beyond that day.   
Brad is the Director of the Wray Recreation Center in eastern Colorado. He had just finished purchasing water bottles for the center’s lifeguards at a local store when a local school teacher approached him and asked if he could help a lady who had fallen and was struggling to get up. It turned out to be a long-time Wray resident that Brad knew.

“I have known her since my tricycle riding days growing up in Wray and she was always so friendly and still is,” Brad said.

Brad, who is trained in Red Cross first aid, joined the teacher to help the woman to her feet and assess her condition.  She said she was not in any pain, but she seemed very weak and was having a little trouble standing on her own.  The teacher offered to drive her home and Brad offered to follow them in the woman’s car. 

As he took the lady to the car, he asked if she had family he could contact.  She said no, but did mention that the neighbor, who was a member of the county sheriff’s department, would help her if she needed.  Once the pair got her home, they gave her some water, cleaned a scratch on her elbow, convinced her to visit the doctor and drove her there.

Brad says what he witnessed in the hours to come was “what makes it so cool to live in a small town.”  The lady’s neighbor agreed to check on her any time, the school teacher got her some lunch from the senior meal program and Brad gave her his phone number and told her she could call his office any time if she needed help.  He also offered that his children could help around her house.  When he went to check on her later that day, he said she seemed to have regained her strength and was more alert. Brad has been checking on her since.

“Thankfully she had no broken bones,” Brad says.  It was a scare, but the community rallied to help someone in need. 

At the Red Cross, we love these types of stories; they exemplify the spirit of service, the power of community, and the acts of compassion that are at the heart of what we do and what we hope to inspire in others. 

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