Monday, September 30, 2013

Red Cross Blankets Help Lyons Flood Victim

Story and photo by Sherri Odell

Cecilia Moore was forced from home in Lyons, CO, and found
herself at an evacuation center. She said she still has her
Red Cross blankets and plans to keep them.
Imagine evacuating your home in the middle of the night – while it’s pouring a cold, hard rain – and you’re sick. Very sick.

This is the situation with Cecilia Mason, a resident of Lyons, Colo. She arrived at an evacuation center at 2:30 in the morning – cold, wet and shivering.

After lying down on a cot, someone placed an American Red Cross blanket on her.  Still shivering, she soon found herself cocooned in half a dozen other blankets, and the warmth surged through her body.

“It felt so good to have something so warm – and clean – to hold on to,” she said. “I’m a retired 911 dispatcher, as well as a volunteer firefighter. Normally, I’m on the other side of a disaster – but this time I needed help.”

She recently stopped by a Red Cross bulk distribution site in Lyons, where people gathered to receive cleanup kits and other items to help in their recover.  But she didn't want anything other than to thank the Red Cross for helping her through that terrifying night.

“I still have my blankets, and I’m going to hold on to them forever,” she said.

Even though the Red Cross shelters have closed, Red Cross workers remain busy in Colorado, meeting one-on-one to connect residents with assistance as well as distributing items at sites like the one Cecilia visited.

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