Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Phone Numbers You Should Know By Heart

By Cari Wheat, Community Preparedness and Resiliency Manager

Quick – without using your cell phone – write down the names and numbers of at least 3 people that you would need to contact during an emergency.  Is it your spouse?  Your sister?  A roommate?  Mom?  A neighbor (to make sure they are OK or to ask if they would check on your home/kids/pets)?  Your child’s school?

We know you’ve each got that loyalty card for your favorite restaurant or store in your wallet – but what about your emergency communications plan?  

I can tell you exactly three phone numbers without looking – my personal cell, my desk phone & my work cell (all numbers that I give to other people).  But, without looking at my phone, I couldn’t begin to list off the phone numbers of the people that matter most to me.  I suspect that I’m not alone…   

So – this week, Week Two of National Preparedness Month, Red Cross is encouraging folks to Stay Connected.  Follow this What’s Your Game Plan checklist and check off the boxes under Week Two.  If you do, you’re well on your way.

AND – as an incentive, if you complete steps from our checklist and post photos to social media showing how you're making your Game Plan, you will be entered into a drawing for a crank flash light/radio/phone charger.

Rules and resources to participate are posted here.  But we can't enter you in a drawing if we don't know you're participating, so make sure to either:
a) Post your pics to our Denver Facebook page: with a caption explaining what you're doing to be prepared
b) Post your pic or text to your own Twitter account using hashtag #GamePlan, or
c) E-mail your submission to before Sept. 30.

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