Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pueblo High School Students Make a Difference For Flood Victims

Story by Charlie Mussi, photos by Jeanie Poindexter

Dylan Purkey, left, and Cailey Sweckard, center, present
their donation to Bill Fortune of the Red Cross
It is easy to look at all of the problems in the world and shrug.

It is not easy to step up and make a difference. In the wake of the devastating flooding and wild land fires that have affected so many Coloradans one student decided to make a difference.

Dylan Purkey, a sophomore at South High School in Pueblo, Colorado is an active student with a strong sense of community.  He could not sit back and ignore the plight of those affected by the recent disasters in Colorado. "When I saw what was happening in northern Colorado where people were forced out of their homes not knowing if, or when, they would return," Purkey said.  "I knew I had to help."

Dylan Purkey, sophomore at South High School
Dylan put together a grant request based on the idea that the grant would serve as seed money that would lead to a donation to the Red Cross to help people in Colorado. The grant allowed Dylan to purchase t-shirts, printed with the message "Pueblo South Colts Care".  With the help of Cailey Sweckard, Isiah Pannunzio, and Stephany Pickard the shirts were sold during lunch hours and school activities. All of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales were then donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

On Saturday, November 23, at the Colorado Class 4A playoff game the donation was
presented to Red Cross representative Bill Fortune in front of a large crowd at the Pueblo Dutch Clark Stadium.

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