Friday, December 20, 2013

Colorado Red Cross Continues to Monitor and Respond to Emerging needs as Part of our Recovery Efforts

In response to the Colorado Office of Emergency Management's media release regarding specific flood center needs, the American Red Cross of Colorado donated several items to the Flood Recovery Center in Loveland for survivors, and to aid in continued recovery efforts.

The Red Cross continues to respond to the needs of communities affected by the floods as part of our recovery efforts.

Items that were donated include:

  • 22 bottles of Clorox
  • 28 boxes of trash bags
  • 1 box of masks
  • 2 boxes of canned goods
  • 120 comfort kits
  • 60 family comfort kits with bath toys
  • 30 rubber gloves 10 cotton gloves
  • 100 chapsticks
  • 50 bags full of toys, to include puzzles, action figures and games,
We were able to do so thanks to the generosity of everyone who made a donation over the past three months.

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