Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hope and Butterflies from Australia for Colorado Flood Survivors

Yesterday, on the 3-month anniversary of the start of the Colorado floods, we received a surprise package in the mail from Australia.

The letter was accompanied by dozens of brightly-colored, hand-made butterflies and drawings that the children created to be shared with Colorado children affected by the floods to "put a smile back on your face."

The Red Cross plans to share the butterflies, drawings and letter with a local school affected by the flood.

Here's the full text of the sweet letter from far away:
"Dear Flood victims,
We are writing on behalf of all the staff and children from Honeybee Preschool Australia. We are aware of the floods that affected you and we have decided to help you by getting all of the children to make butterflies and drawings that will put a SMILE back on your face. We have chosen to make butterflies as they are a symbol of freedom. Although we can't give you a new house, we would like to give you this gift to lift your spirits and put a BIG smile back on your face. We know the sun will shine again, and we LOVE you very much."

We don't know about you, but our hearts just melted. Thank you, Honeybee friends!

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