Friday, March 28, 2014

Prepare Your Teen for Emergencies, Career Through Babysitter Training

By Mike Dirks, Red Cross Volunteer

Anticipating summer activities for pre-teens and teens includes preparing them for additional responsibility, independence and outside activity. Babysitter Training is an excellent opportunity to help young adults learn lifesaving skills while also preparing them for the workforce.

Teens ready for emergencies and working with kids!

The American Red Cross offers Babysitter Training for teens aged 11-16 in various locations in Colorado. The training not only teaches kids skills for babysitting - it helps set teens on a path that can lead to helping others, developing service skills, generating income, career planning and networking. And, most importantly, the training prepares teens to anticipate and respond to potential emergencies.

In the American Red Cross Babysitter Training, participants learn:

* Leadership skills
* Business strategy
* Safety Management
* Childhood development from infancy to ten years
* Caring for feeding, fun activity planning and bedtime
* Recognizing an emergency and taking action
* Introduction to First Aid/CPR for infants and children and AED use

Babysitting is a great first job that can open doors to a career. As a babysitter, your teen will already be part of a profession that serves preschools, education centers, youth clubs, libraries, churches, health clubs, hospitals and working families. In the childcare profession you can continue to get higher certifications in high school, junior college or major in childhood development or psychology in college.
An Americorps Red Cross Volunteer using babysitting training skills.

I can personally attest to the benefit of Babysitter Training. My early teen job opportunities evolved very quickly beginning with Red Cross training and early babysitting opportunities.  Babysitting experiences grew to positions in youth camps, church camps, outdoor recreation, wilderness camps and lifeguarding.

I recall when at 15 I’d completed an action-packed and sleepless camp as a co-counselor with college-aged counselors. We were caring for children aged 7-12. It stunned me to think after that experience, “I just spent a whole week taking care of others and completely forgot all about my normal routines and personal worries.”

Coordinating activities, being inclusive, and helping keep other kids stay safe while having fun gave me my first experiences of satisfaction from personal accomplishment. I continued babysitting for working families even after the frenzied summer camps ended. Importantly, I kept renewing my Red Cross credentials for safety and emergency action planning.

Red Cross classes are offered in classrooms and online. Find out more and sign up through the Red Cross Babysitting Training website – in honor of our 100-year anniversary of service in Colorado, we are offering a 15% discount on all trainings through November, 2014! Use coupon code COREDCROSS1001114 at checkout.

Classrooms skills practice and the final certificates. 

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