Thursday, March 20, 2014

Saturday's Red Cross Ball Recognizing Local Heroes (Part I of II)

In honor of the upcoming Century of Champions Red Cross Ball on Saturday, we are giving you a sneak peek into the stories of those heroes who will be recognized at the event. We start below with the Red Cross Lifesaver, Military Lifesaver, and Preparedness Awards.

Red Cross Lifesaver Award – Doug Schellinger
Doug works at the City and County of Denver Treasury Division. He was at work when a co-worker experienced a medical emergency at her desk and stopped breathing. Fortunately, Doug had completed first aid and CPR training and immediately assessed her condition and began performing CPR.  While they waited for emergency medical technicians to arrive, Doug continued CPR for approximately 20 minutes. Thanks to his efforts, his co-worker regained consciousness and began breathing on her own just as EMTs arrived.  It turns out she was pregnant – so Doug actually saved two lives that day!

Military Lifesaver Award – 4th Combat Aviation Brigade

The 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, based out of Fort Carson, provided vital response and recovery help during both the Black Forest Fire and the September floods in 2013. Not only did they respond in their official capacity, but members of the brigade also volunteered their time assisting with Red Cross efforts.

During the Black Forest fire, the Brigade provided helicopters that flew 914 missions and dropped 700,000 gallons of water to aid fire suppression. In addition, soldiers from the brigade volunteered to support Red Cross efforts, including staffing an aid station for affected residents and helping organize and move supplies at a distribution center. In total, the group contributed about 1,000 hours of service.

In September, the brigade stepped up to the call for help again by contributing to the largest airlift evacuation since hurricane Katrina. On Friday, Sept. 13, they rescued 45 people in a daring night rescue, relying on night vision goggles to see! The next day the brigade helped rescue more than 500 people.  Ultimately, the team evacuated 1,023 people from communities isolated by the devastating flooding.

Preparedness Award – Littleton Public Schools (Guy Grace)
Littleton Public Schools is a role model of proactive planning and preparedness to safeguard their students, employees and parents. The school district has worked diligently for years on preparedness, planning, training and practicing for every type of emergency  - from a medical incident to a natural disaster to violence.  Littleton Public Schools certifies its employees in CPR and how to use an AED. They’ve built first aid and medical response into their emergency plans and train once a month on a first aid response – so that if something were to happen to a student, employee or visitor, they are ready to respond and save a life.

The school district is also a Red Cross Ready Rating member. As a Ready Rating member, Littleton Public Schools assesses their level of preparedness, identifies areas for growth and works with Red Cross experts to implement  improvements, continuity of operations plans and exercises to test their plans.

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