Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Red Cross Story: Proud of My Lifesaving Son on Prom Night

Hunter Hoagland on Prom Night
My son, Hunter, was trained as a lifeguard by the Red Cross and worked this past summer as a lifeguard for Pinehurst Country Club. He is a junior at Dakota Ridge High School. Several weeks ago as Prom season was kicking into gear, he was asked to a Prom at another high school.

He arrived at a home where pictures were taken.  He and his date exchanged flowers, smiled big for the camera and boarded a bus for transportation to dinner. As the bus was emptying, a young man from another bus boarded Hunter’s bus, vomited and passed out. As others avoided the boy and made their way to the door, Hunter as well as the bus driver noticed that the young man was in trouble. He was not breathing.

Without thought to his tux, date or situation, Hunter administered CPR until the bus driver could reach a hospital several blocks away. Hunter and his date stayed with the young man until he was stabilized in the hospital. The bus driver and hospital personnel praised Hunter’s quick and decisive action in helping the young man out of a clearly life threatening situation.

I have included a picture of Hunter in his tux prior to the Prom. I would imagine there aren’t many formal life saving opportunities!

I believe you guys should know that your training can and does make a difference in many situations, clearly it did here. And I would hope that you would be as proud of Hunter as his family and friends are.

Jack Hoagland

Note: Yes, Jack, we are as proud as a papa that Hunter was such a hero and used his training to save a life! We are very impressed with his calm under pressure, compassion and service. Way to go, Hunter!

Have you used your Red Cross skills to help someone in need? Was your life saved by someone trained in CPR? Share YOUR Red Cross story at

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