Thursday, April 3, 2014

Run for the Red Cross During your Next Marathon!

It's race season! If you're planning to run a marathon or half-marathon this season, chances are you've already started your training regimen and may even be up to those "long run days."

While you're getting your gear, making your registrations and working out your body, don't forget to include your favorite charity in your plans! Many races allow you to designate a nonprofit charity to benefit from your hard-earned miles. 

This year, in honor of our Colorado Red Cross Century Celebration, the Red Cross is participating in the Colfax Marathon as a charity partner. If you’re planning on running the race, all you need to do is designate the AMERICAN RED CROSS as your charity partner. While registering, just say YES to the question: Do you (or your team) plan to raise funds or awareness for one of our charity partners? Then choose the Red Cross.

You don't have to fundraise in order to participate on our team, although your donations are always welcome! If you'd put your money where your running shoes are, you can donate at 

When you designate the Red Cross as your charity partner, you'll join our team and will receive invites to training runs and happy hours as well as a cool Red Cross t-shirt and a pre-race carbo load. 

Already ahead of the game and registered for the race? No problem! If you're already registered, log onto with your active email and password to review your registration information and add the Red Cross as your charity partner. 

Good luck, and may you achieve new PRs!

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