Monday, May 5, 2014

The Red Cross Tornado App: How It Can Help or Save You.

Story by Kathleen Rowland

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle
 brings food, water and supplies to tornado
 stricken areas
Recent severe weather in much of the country highlights the importance of disaster preparedness and staying informed.  The Red Cross is receiving testimonials on social media from people who have used the Tornado app recently and who have been helped and even saved by it.
While Traveling:
Sunshine 74063 – Apr 29, 2014: “Literally saved our lives. We were travelling from Florida to Oklahoma. We were 2 miles from Tupelo, MS when the tornado hit April 28, 2014. We took shelter at a Shell station in the cooler, along with 30 other people. The tornado did damage to our car but thanks to this app it saved our lives.”
While Sleeping:
Megan Sorrell on Apr 30, 2014: “I downloaded this app to wake me up in the middle of the night in case there was a tornado warning. this morning at 450 we got a tornado warning at 4:51 I got the alert. This app woke me up out of a deep sleep to warn me of the warning. I would recommend this app to anybody.”

While Far Away from Loved Ones:
Happy R. Pappy - Version 2.0.1 - Apr 29, 2014 “I live in Fargo, ND., with family in Alabama. Last night I received an alert, for Prattville, Al. Let me tell you, it WILL WAKE YOU UP!!!! Get this right now, do not hesitate, what are you doing still reading this??? Stop and down load NOW!!!”
Use these three steps to severe weather preparedness and current information:
1. Download The Red Cross Tornado App from or from your app provider.

2) Set your warnings using this quick step-by-step guide

3) review severe weather information and valuable preparedness tips at

Get prepared to take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors by downloading the Red Cross Tornado App today!

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