Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2013 Flood Recovery Update: Highlight on Lyons

The town of Lyons was completely cut off by flood waters during the 2013 floods. The way their community came together to support one another was so inspiring that the Red Cross honored four community leaders with a Hero Award in March 2013. Today, the Red Cross continues to work closely with Lyons residents to support their long-term recovery.

Lyons Volunteers (LOV) is an organic, locally-led community volunteer group that identifies where help is needed, equips teams of volunteers and "deploys" them throughout the valley to help with clean-up and rebuild projects.  LOV is one of several organized efforts receiving Red Cross support. To help their clean-up and repair projects, the Red Cross has provided:
  • Storage for tools and supplies
  • Portable toilets and sinks to support homeowners and volunteers while they work on clean-up and rebuilding efforts
  • Heavy-duty equipment and the fuel to run it
  • Chainsaw fuel and consumable parts to support volunteer chainsaw crews
  • Cleanup and repair supplies: wheel barrows, winter gloves, shovels, trash bags, shovels, tarps, rakes, buckets, ladders 
  • Pallets of water bottles and first aid kits to support health of volunteers.
The Red Cross has also provided supplies to support clean-up and repair of parks and trails that are of enormous economic importance to town’s long term recovery.

Mold mitigation in homes has been another important need.  Although the Red Cross does not perform mold mitigation, it has supported the mold mitigation efforts of Calvary Relief by providing them with fuel, N-95 masks and supplies.

One-on-one casework is another important aspect of long-term recovery. The Red Cross contributed building and office supplies that helped make it possible for a case management office to be built and staffed in Lyons.

Finally, the Red Cross has been helping to prepare the town for future disasters, including coordinating community preparedness workshops and dialogues.

"Recovery is a long-term process. We'll continue working with Lyons for months to come," said Sabrina Amon, Recovery Manager for the Red Cross of Colorado.

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