Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Buying Local Helps Economic Recovery in Wake of 2013 Floods

Lonny Clark had never personally been affected by a disaster prior to the 2013 floods. Lonny’s business, Clark’s Hardware in Lyons, was inundated with several feet of mud and water during the 2013 floods.

The flooding forced him to close business for 13 days.

Lonny Clark helps a customer.
The halt to business caused by the floods greatly affected Clark and his business, as well as the local economy.

The Red Cross recognizes that business play a vital role in the health of local communities: they are a source for goods and supplies before, during and after disasters; provide jobs and income for disaster-affected residents; and submit tax income that helps support municipal and county roads, bridges and recovery efforts.

So, in addition to responding to disasters with direct assistance to individuals and groups, the Red Cross has also helped the flood affected communities recover by purchasing supplies locally whenever possible.

The Red Cross has purchased many recovery supplies
from small, local businesses like Clark's Hardware.
Since the floods, the Red Cross has bought many items from small local businesses like Clark’s Hardware - items such as dust masks, shovels, rakes, two-way radios, etc.

“They not only helped me personally but also my business and the local economy,” said Clark. “I was so glad the Red Cross was there to help my community.”

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