Sunday, June 1, 2014

CPR Saves Lives! Learn About Local Heroes During CPR Awareness Week

CPR Awareness Week is June 1-7. CPR DOES save lives! The American Red Cross knows of many stories of people who have taken Red Cross training and used their skills to save lives. In fact, just in the past month, the Pikes Peak Chapter has honored four individuals for their lifesaving efforts.

David Dixon, a local boy scout, received his Readyman badge training at the Silvercliff Ranch in Buena Vista. Less than a week later, his mother, Jennifer, got a chip lodged in her throat and began to choke. David noticed this and using his training, he began to deliver back blows to his Mom and within the first set the chip dislodged. Because of his training he was able to stay clam and assist his Mom during this event.

Jim Ungarvsky joined several other members of the VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa in Colorado Springs in a contest to see how many pushups they could do. Before long, he started having chest pains and within a few minutes collapsed on the floor in cardiac arrest. Billy Thompkins, Bobby Bernal and Leilani Akiyama - trainers at the facility who had taken CPR - quickly went into action. They immediately checked for breathing and pulse. Finding neither, they began CPR and defibrillated the heart using an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). Ungvarsky has made a complete recovery following the rescue and surgery.

Red Cross has also honored other lifesavers at our annual Heroes events around the state, including these heroes:

CPR skills are easy to learn, and you’ll never know when or where an incident may happen where you’ll be able to help save a life. In honor of 100 years of Red Cross service in Colorado, you can get 15% off Red Cross CPR classes through November 2014! Visit and use coupon code COREDCROSS1001114 at checkout.