Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Red Cross Story: Grateful My Son Was Home to Offer His Strength

Thank You to The Red Cross and US Navy for making it possible for my son James Ian Bell attend his grandmother's funeral.

My mom (Jamie's grandma) passed away on June 25, 2014.

The American Red Cross's fast notification to the Newport RI US Navy Base Security Department where my son is stationed, made it possible for my son to be by his grandmother's side before she passed.

I'm very proud of my son. Jamie has always been very responsible and loving presence in our family. Having him with me during this sad time was a blessing for me. Jamie helped me in making funeral arrangements including picking out the most beautiful burial plot for his grandma. All of this perpetration had to be done in short order.

I don't think me and Jamie's sister's could have gotten through this if not for my son helping us and offering his strength. He stayed strong and focused for me and my family. Thank You So Much!!!

Many Thanks, MA2 Bell's Mom
Jackie Allmendinger

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