Thursday, July 31, 2014

Save a Life During National Preparedness Month in September

As part of National Preparedness Month, the Red Cross is celebrating “Save A Life September” in honor of 100 years of saving lives in Colorado. During the month-long campaign, we encourage individuals, organizations and businesses to take simple steps that could save a life.

In addition to Red Cross events like the Rocky Mountain Business Preparedness Academy on Sept. 30 and the Loveland Emergency Preparedness and Family Safety Expo on Sept. 6, there many other community-organized preparedness events and trainings you can attend - and most are FREE!

We are maintaining an "unofficial" calendar of all of these events in order to make it easy for you to get involved, get trained, get prepared...and potentially save a life. Click on the calendar arrow buttons to advance the calendar below to September, or visit the full-sized Google calendar page.

NOTE: This calendar is updated weekly based on our knowledge of upcoming events, and includes both Red Cross and non-Red Cross events. Although we strive to make this calendar as accurate and inclusive as possible, we are not responsible for the quality or outcome of non-Red Cross events. If you would like your preparedness event added to this calendar, or would like to notify us of an inaccuracy in this calendar, please e-mail the event date, time, location and URL/registration information to

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