Friday, February 6, 2015

A Lifelong Love

Through Valentine’s Day, we are sharing love stories as people take the #RedCrossMyHeart pledge and support the Red Cross in honor of the ones they love.

Today’s love story made many of us here at the Red Cross go “awwww” and giggle at the sweet banter and endearing kiss of a couple we know best as leaders on a national scale.

Cliff Holtz is the President of Humanitarian Services for the entire American Red Cross network of nearly 500 chapters across the country. It’s a critical job overseeing Red Cross operations that include responding to an average of nearly 70,000 disasters, training more than 5.6 million people in lifesaving skills and providing more than 370,000 services to members of the military each year.

His wife, Teri, is a powerful and compassionate community member as well. She currently volunteers on the  Leadership Committee and Ready When the Time Comes Committee of the Red Cross Colorado & Wyoming region and is a member of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle Society of Women Leaders.

So it was very special to hear them open up and share their personal story – including an “I was 14, she was 16” detail that had us humming Sound of Music tunes all day.

If you want to participate, and express your love in a meaningful way this Valentine’s Day, we would love to hear your story (and of course we welcome your donation!). Visit to share your story or make a gift. You can also take to social media to let your friends know, share the stories, and share your own #RedCrossMyHeart pledge.

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