Thursday, February 12, 2015

Meet Four Adorable Red Cross Families

by Patricia Billinger
If you get to chatting with Red Cross workers - whether employed or volunteer - one thing quickly becomes clear: this is a very special organization with a mission that inspires passion and loyalty. The people who put in long hours under high stress conditions do it for the gratification of serving others and knowing they're making a difference, not for personal gain, fame or fortune.

When disaster strikes, the families of Red Crossers are called upon to sacrifice time with their loved ones so that those Red Cross volunteers and employees can be there for the people who need them most: the survivors of disasters ranging from home fires to hurricanes. 

As part of our #RedCrossMyHeart campaign, we have an opportunity to introduce you to four of these adorable families -- who are so committed to the work of the Red Cross that they not only work for the Red Cross, but also support the organization. 

This Valentine's Day, we encourage you to support the Red Cross in honor of someone you love. Visit to make your gift or share YOUR love story. 

1. Jenni, Mario & Rosalia

2. Eric, Jenny & Collin

3. Patricia & Chris

4. James and Kate

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