Friday, February 13, 2015

What happens when you only express your love once a year

By Patricia Billinger
It's always nice to receive a gift expressing that someone cares. Holidays like Valentine's Day provide a reminder -- but imagine if that were the only day someone remembered to show they cared! We imagined what that would be like, and came up with these fun, low-budget videos.

You'll notice at the end that we ask you to show a little love to the Red Cross. As with your loved ones, your favorite nonprofits need your love throughout the year.  We very much appreciate the generosity donors show in response to the big disasters...but we also need ongoing support to fund our daily service delivery -- such responding to more than 400 home fires every year in our region -- as well as to ensure that we have the resources and volunteers in place to be ready to respond when the big disasters hit.

We hope you'll enjoy these light-hearted videos, then visit to make a gift in honor of someone you love. Thank you!

Going Out For a Romantic Dinner:

Giving Your Wife Flowers:


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