Monday, April 13, 2015

You Volunteer. So Show it Loud and Proud!

by Patricia Billinger
It’s a funny thing that some of the most amazing people are the least likely to seek attention for their great work.

Here at the Red Cross, we know that our volunteers are very proud of the work they do and passionate about making a difference through the Red Cross. They know that they are touching lives – perhaps even helping to save lives – through the work they do.

But when it comes to taking credit for that important work, our volunteers tend to be a little more shy.

This week – National Volunteer Week – we have a message for you: If you volunteer, show it loud and proud! Tell people what you do and how it makes you feel. Share your stories. Change your Facebook and Twitter profile picture to show off that you are a Red Cross volunteer. Let people thank you.

And if they don’t thank you, maybe they don’t realize just how vital you are to the safety of their community. Don’t be afraid to talk about all the training, preparation and work you and other volunteers do year-round to provide services and to make sure the Red Cross can be there for our neighbors when they need us.

We know that most of you give back not for what you get, but because you want to make a difference. It’s the right thing to do. You care about your community. You want to put your skills to good work. You love the camaraderie and community of volunteering.

So if being in the spotlight isn’t your thing, here are some reasons to share that you are a Red Cross volunteer during National Volunteer Week:

  1. Be an inspiration. Sharing your story may motivate someone you know to finally make the time to volunteer. 
  2. Reinforce a culture of volunteerism. We need to make volunteering a norm, so that organizations like the Red Cross can always count on people to give their time, now and into the future.
  3. Educate the public. People expect the Red Cross to be there for them in times of emergency. They may think the Red Cross is a government agency, or a company flush with paid employees. Help them understand that we can’t do our good work without volunteers and public support.

We are so proud of the work you do. We want the world to be proud of you, too!

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