Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Copy. Paste. Touch Lives. Are you #AllIn?

by Patricia Billinger
Quick test: Set your timer on your smart phone or watch, then time how long it takes you to:

  1. Copy the image below.
  2. Paste it into your twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed.
  3. Hit post/send.

I timed myself and it took…27 seconds. Boom. Message sent.

Pretty easy, right?

With a few clicks, you can be a part of a bigger movement to help people – people like the 24 Fort Collins residents who were shaken out of sleep early on the morning of May 20 by an apartment fire and whose homes and belongings were damaged or lost to the fire and its subsequent roof collapse and water damage. People like Gina,  whose life was saved by a neighbor who had learned CPR through his work. People like  Desire,  who was able to get her husband home from Korea when his father died.

These are the types of stories happening every day in the Colorado & Wyoming region of the Red Cross – and in every state across the country. In order to support what the Red Cross does #AllInOneDay, we’re asking the public to donate on June 2, 2015.

If you can donate, thank you! Gifts can be scheduled today.

Another, even easier way to help is to use the power of your voice and your social network to spread the word.


Go to to become a social ambassador. The site has a ton of easy-to-access tools like images, pre-written posts and ideas to inspire you.  There are ideas for every day through June 2!


Don’t have time to log on every day? Anything you do can help. If nothing else, check one of these actions off your to-do list:

  • Follow @redcross or your local chapter (see below) and RT positive stories.
  • Like the Red Cross or your local chapter on Facebook and share the content from those accounts.
  • On June 1 or June 2, visit and copy and paste the text or one of the images into your preferred social media account. 
Your local Red Cross chapter social media accounts:

Mile High Area:

Southeast Colorado:

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