Monday, August 31, 2015

2013 Colorado Floods

On Sept. 9, 2013, rain began falling in a historic downpour that would ultimately result in flooding across more than a third of Colorado’s counties. Boulder County received a year’s worth of rainfall in a matter of days. The Red Cross sprang into action immediately and, despite the challenges of flooded roadways and damaged infrastructure, provided shelter, food and comfort for thousands of evacuees.

As the floodwaters receded, compassionate Red Cross volunteers fanned out to affected communities to deliver clean-up supplies, water, health services and counseling, while caseworkers met with displaced residents to ensure they had a roof over their heads, food and help planning out their journey to recovery.

The Red Cross continued to work closely with communities to help them recover over the months and years that followed.

Below is a library of links to stories about the various ways that the Red Cross helped.

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