Friday, October 30, 2015

Change your clocks...Check your smoke alarms

By Jennifer Marsh and Bill Fortune

We apologize, we know everyone is busy, but we have taken the liberty of adding a few things to your "to do" list on Sunday. Given the time change you got an extra hour of sleep so you should be up for the task! Here we go:

1. Set your clocks back one hour (hence the extra hour of sleep).
2. Test your smoke alarms and  replace the batteries 
3. Sketch out a fire evacuation plan for your home (2 exits per room) and put that sketch on you refrigerator and discuss it with your family.
4. Practice a fire drill with the goal of getting everyone out in 2 minutes or less.  Fire experts suggest that you have only two minutes to escape a home fire. 

Check out the Johnson Family Fire Drill Video to see how they handled it.

The number of home fires and home fire fatalities increase with the colder months and they often occur at night. It is critical to make sure your smoke alarms work and that you have practiced your evacuation plan. Seven people die in the United States every day from home fires. Let’s bring that number down together.

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