Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marine Stops By Just to Say Thanks

By Bill Fortune/American Red Cross

Being away from home is never easy regardless of the time of year or the reason for separation. It’s hard to stay in touch and even harder to respond to a crisis. That’s why the American Red Cross provides emergency communications support to our nation’s military. That’s why Marine PFC Ethan Garcia stopped by the Red Cross office in Pueblo, Colorado.

It was in June while stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for specialty training when PFC Garcia had his first encounter with the Service to Armed Forces Emergency Communication Service.

“I remember I was in training that day when the chaplain came in,” Garcia said. “That is always a
Marine PFC Ethan Garcia at the Red Cross office in
Pueblo, Colorado Photo by Bill Fortune/American Red Cross
little scary and when he called me out I started to worry.”  The Chaplain told him that command had received a Red Cross emergency message that his grandfather had passed away. He was told not to worry because the message came from the Red Cross and the wheels were already in motion to get him home to be with his family and attend the funeral in Pueblo.

It was in September, while on recruitment duty in Pueblo, that PFC Garcia happened to see the Red Cross office and took the opportunity to say thank you. “I hadn’t realized just how important the Red Cross service was,” Garcia said. “I just wanted to say thank you for the support I received because without it this would have been much more difficult for me and my family.”

The Red Cross in Colorado processes over 300 emergency messages every year as part of the Service to Armed Forces Emergency Communication Service. Hearing from PFC Evans reminds us how important it is to support our Armed Forces. 

Learn more about the Red Cross Service to Armed Forces program at

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