Wednesday, May 4, 2016

American Red Cross of Western Colorado Backyard Bash a HUGE Success!

By Karen Martsolf, Board Member
Photos by Brian Wise/American Red Cross

Congratulations to the American Red Cross on a wonderful event! The Backyard Bash was a fun and interactive evening. I loved everything about it. From the more casual feel to the fact that people could bring their children and they were entertained throughout the evening.

Guests talk and learn about Red Cross services at
at the Western Colorado Backyard Bash.
This year’s theme suited the mission perfectly. Guests left the event more knowledgeable about the mission of the Red Cross than ever before. The staff and volunteers did a fabulous job highlighting the vision of the Red Cross. It is paramount that people know the Red Cross is there no matter where someone’s backyard may be.

Enjoying the food at the Western Colorado Backyard Bash.
Food was provided by Sodexo of Grand Junction.
The change of venue was refreshing. Colorado Mesa University staff did an excellent job helping execute this important event and the food prepared by Sodexo was second to none and tied into the theme flawlessly.

The silent auction items were so much fun this year and complimented the Backyard Bash theme. Some of the items were handmade by volunteers or staff members which made them even more special. It was fun to watch bidders vying for some of the same items with a lighthearted competitive spirit to benefit the mission of the Red Cross.

Guests to the Backyard Bash have fun playing games,
eating great food and learning about a great organization.
One of the most inspiring elements of the evening was learning about what the many dedicated volunteers are doing in the community. This year was no exception. The stories are always extraordinarily compelling and heartwarming. It underscores the fact that the Red Cross provides help when it’s needed most, whether it is in a backyard down the street or across the country.

I am so proud to be part of such an amazing organization. Congratulations to the American Red Cross of Western Colorado on a stellar event!

You can be part of the American Red Cross as a donor or a volunteer. Go to or call 1-800-REDCROSS.

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