Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Red Cross Providing Cleanup Supplies in Colorado Springs

Teams will be at Logan Ave and Platte Ave

By Bill Fortune

Colorado Springs, CO, Tuesday, August 30
Volunteer Rich Garcia loads cleanup kits for transport
to the hardest hit area of Colorado Springs. Photo by
Bill Fortune
2016— Heavy rain and hail produced flash flooding in the Colorado Springs area Monday evening. Streets and homes were flooded. Red Cross teams will be providing cleanup supplies from a staging area in a parking lot at the corner of Platte Ave and Logan Ave. The teams will also survey the neighborhoods to determine if additional assistance can be provided. The teams will be in place from 10:00 a.m. to mid-afternoon.

Red Cross disaster team went into the heavily affected area Monday evening to determine what help could be provided immediately to those affected. By the end of the evening it was determined that 6 homes were determined unlivable with an additional 5 homes determined to have suffered major damage. Red Cross opened 3 support cases for a total of 5 people, providing immediate non-livable assistance for 5 and temporary lodging for 4. Additional need will likely be discovered today as volunteers work with those hit hardest.

People affected by the flooding and hail who are in need of assistance can call the Red Cross client casework phone at 719-785-2768. Please leave a message and a caseworker will return the call.

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