Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Red Cross Response Continued in Colorado Springs

By Bill Fortune

Update Thursday, September 1, 2016, Noon

Red Cross disaster caseworkers talk with residents
on Logan Ave in Colorado Springs. Photo by Arnett Luce,
Red Cross
The Red Cross support for people affected by the flash flood and hail that damaged property Monday, August 29th continues. Using the Colorado Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (COVOAD) the Red Cross has rallied additional support.

A Red Cross disaster responder offers support to
residents on Logan Ave in Colorado Springs. Photo by
Arnett Luce, Red Cross
Beginning Friday, September 2, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Organization will be available to help people with clean up and recovery. Residents are urged to call 720-244-1601 for assistance. If people have already torn down sheet rock the Southern Baptist team can clean and spray the walls for mold remediation.

To date the Red Cross has opened 25 client cases and provided support to 43 adults and 18 children. The support includes direct client assistance (financial or temporary lodging), shovels, cleanup supplies, water, comfort kits (personal hygiene) and meals. Four additional cases are likely to be opened today depending on the disaster assessment process that is on going. People affected by the storm that have not contacted the Red Cross should call 719-785-2768.

Other organizations in the community have been approached to provide support. The downtown YMCA has offered shower facilities to those people affected by the flood without electricity (referral from Red Cross required).


As of 1730 30 August 2016, Red Cross has
- Assisted 14 family units consisting of 24 adults and 12 children
- Handed out 29 clean up kits
- 10 cases of water
We still have an additional 4 homes to visit that we know of.


Basement apartment of home on Logan St. Water was
5 feet deep. Photo by Arnett Luce/American Red Cross
Colorado Springs, CO Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 4 p.m. - The American Red Cross of Southeastern Colorado continued to provide support for the people affected by the heavy rain, hail and flash flooding that occurred the afternoon of Monday, August 29, 2016.

Seven volunteers rallied Monday evening to provide immediate assistance to those affected. Five homes were considered unlivable, by Red Cross standards, with another 5 considered to have major damage.

Joe Smith shows the water line on the main
floor of a home on Logan st. The basement was
full of water and hail. Photo by Walt Palmer/
American Red Cross

The hardest hit area was in the area bounded by Hancock Ave to Bonfoy Ave and Platte to Pikes Peak. In that area it was identified that 3 apartments on Bonfoy Ave had major damage and by late afternoon five additional homes were assessed with Major Damage.

Medallion Retirement community was contacted about possible flooding. They indicated that though they had some flooding, it was under control so no service was provided.

By mid afternoon, our teams had opened 4 additional cases and provided financial assistance to 5 families for a total of 10 persons assisted thus far since the event began. We provided temporary lodging to one person due to complicated medical issues and at the request of his health care nurse.
Red Cross volunteers deliver much needed cleanup kits
to people on Logan St in Colorado Springs. Photo by
Walt Palmer/American Red Cross

Through the day Tuesday, Red Cross volunteers provided flood cleanup kits to anyone requesting them. Several people asked for tarps and shovels and those will be provided by the end of the day.

This blog will be updated after 7 p.m. when final data is available. 

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