Thursday, January 12, 2017

Red Cross Helps with Wind Storm Damage

Homeowners across Colorado Springs assesses the damage as
winds toppled trees over during the wind storm
 that passed through on Jan 9, 2017.
 Photo by Arnett Luce/American Red Cross
By Bill Fortune

Strong winds pummeled the southern I-25 corridor on Monday taking down trees, ripping roofs and causing power outages. El Paso county was particularly hard hit as winds were clocked near 100 mph but other communities suffered as well including Pueblo County, Huerfano County and western Las Animas County.

Red Cross Disaster teams were called out early Monday to help people with medical equipment problems as the winds knocked out power. Our teams responded to a call from one person who was without power which caused the oxygen equipment to fail. We were able to work with the medical equipment provider to provide portable oxygen tanks.

American Red Cross volunteers assist Israel Argueta
after winds destroyed the roof of his home in Colorado Springs.
 Photo by Arnett Luce/American Red Cross
Homeowner Ross Sprinkle assesses the damage done to his
 home as winds caused a tree to fall on it during the wind storm
 Photo by Arnett Luce/American Red Cross
Several homes were heavily damaged including one apartment building that displaced people from two apartments. The apartment management found hotel rooms for three days while repairs were being made and the Red Cross helped them with food and medical needs.

A mobile home in Colorado Springs had a tree fall on the roof. That caused roof damage and Red Cross provided for over night lodging and help with food for the two adults living in the mobile home.

Red Cross was in contact with local emergency management from Monument to Trinidad trying to assess damage and needs within the communities.Shelter teams were put on standby late Monday but no shelters were opened. Overall, 6 people were supported directly after the wind storm.

Many people are reeling from the damage and debris caused by the storm. If you need help cleaning up the debris or making repairs please check the Facebook and Websites for local government to find local, reputable, contractors ready to help.

Being prepared for hazardous weather is extremely important this time of year. If you have medical equipment that is dependent on electricity, be sure that you have portable units to get you through the power outages. Make sure your in-home disaster kit is complete and up to date. Have a plan to keep food from spoiling. For more preparedness information please visit You should also download the free Emergency mobile app so that you can keep track of hazardous weather and locations of shelters that might be opened.

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