Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sharing Knowledge with Lewis Palmer Elementary School

Story and photos by Bill Fortune/American Red Cross

Lewis Palmer School District hosted The Pillowcase Project with presentations by the American Red Cross of Southeastern Colorado. More than 600 students from the Districts elementary schools participated in the learning opportunity over a two week period. Classes were held at Lewis Palmer elementary, Bear Creek Elementary, Ray E. Kilmer Elementary, Prairie Winds Elementary, and Palmer Lake Elementary.

Red Cross instructor Matt Goldsmith holds door knobs
while students try to "stay low and go" to determine
if fire is on the other side of the door.
Students in the fourth and fifth grade were presented with information about local hazards and how to prepare for them. There was a strong emphasis on home fire safety with instruction about how to
escape from a closed room, how to respond to smoke alarms and how to check if there is fire on the "other side of the door" by touching the door knob with the back of their hand.

The Pillowcase Project was developed in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina when university students were scene evacuating with their possessions held in pillowcases. The concept was then adjusted to help train students in grades 3 through 6 using a "learn, practice, share" methodology.

Students show their pillowcases at the end of The
Pillowcase Project. Photo  by Bill Fortune/American
Red Cross
Each student is given a workbook and a pillowcase to color on with fabric markers. The workbook provides additional information and the pillowcase,  when colored, provides a visual reminder of the safety material and serves as a "go kit" for the child to have at home.

The Pillowcase Project is supported by Disney in partnership with the American Red Cross. If you would like to learn more about The Pillowcase visit . If you would like The Pillowcase Project to come to your school you can request a presentation here.

A students uses the workbook
provided by The Pillowcase Project.
Students color the pillowcases
provided by The Pillowcase Project

To see more photos of the students in Lewis Palmer School District participating in The Pillowcase Project visit our Flickr page.

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