Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sending Volunteers To Help with Arizona Fires

Disaster Workers Deploying to Support Wildfire Response
Workers will bring help and hope to those recovering from devastating wildfires

Denver, Thursday, June 29, 2017 - The American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming is sending disaster volunteers to help with the wildfires currently in Arizona and New Mexico.

Terri Faulkner, a volunteer from Greeley, CO with the Red Cross of Northern Colorado will travel to Arizona to be a shelter worker. As such she will work closely with people that have evacuated from the wildfire south of Prescott, AZ. This will be her first deployment to a large-scale disaster outside of Colorado.

Sylvia Raumaker, a volunteer from Jackson, WY with the Red Cross of Wyoming, will travel to Arizona to serve as a shelter supervisor for the shelters near Prescott, AZ. As such she will supervise shelter operations to ensure high quality service delivery for those in the shelters. This will be the ninth deployment for Sylvia.

To see the latest news about how you can help the Red Cross help the hundreds of people that have lost everything due to the wildfires in Arizona and New Mexico visit

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