Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Taking Care of Today And Tomorrow; Gift Planning

Gay Freeman, American Red Cross Legacy Society Member
We recently had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Gay Freeman, an exceptional donor in many respects. Gay has chosen the American Red Cross as one of her most important missions to support financially. Once she made this decision, Gay educated herself about gift planning options. She decided a gift in exchange for lifetime payments back to her was the way to accomplish her goals, both personal and philanthropic. “I wanted to donate to places that would give people the ability to move through hardship and again become self-sustaining,” said Gay. This plan was tailored for her to fit both goals.

Through the Gift Planning program, Gay made a very generous gift in 2013 with a contractual agreement for the Red Cross to pay her a guaranteed, fixed sum every year for life, beginning when she reached age 65 – supplemental security for retirement. As such, she is a member of the Red Cross Legacy Society

Lori Goldstein is the Gift Planning Officer for American Red Cross in Colorado & Wyoming. She has a passion for connecting people, like Gay, to the benefits of charitable giving. "To me, the Red Cross embodies the principle of many drops together making an ocean -- both in the way our volunteers come together to provide relief in our communities and around the world, and in the way many individuals, by directing sometimes modest portions of their future estates to the Red Cross, together infuse the organization with millions of dollars to sustain this vital mission," says Lori.

When Lori joined the Red Cross in 2016, she began meeting the local Legacy Society members – those who have the foresight to plan gifts now that will support the Red Cross’s lifesaving mission in the future. During her visits she learned that Gay and her sister had been Red Cross volunteers in their youth during flood season, as well as taking Red Cross health and safety classes. Gay remained keenly aware of the Red Cross, and throughout her adult life she puts into action her strong belief in using her resources to help humanity in times of need. You can view a video of the personal interview with Gay Freeman here: American Red Cross Gift Planning 
" It’s been my privilege and pleasure to serve nonprofits and to help people connect their passion to making meaningful gifts for more than 25 years. I am honored to be part of the Red Cross team."  Lori Goldstein, American Red Cross Gift Planning Officer 

Being prepared is one of the key principles of the American Red Cross. So we consider it a privilege to help you prepare your estate plans and get your financial plans in order.  

In her own words:

You can learn more about this special opportunity by visiting, call 1-800-797-8022, ext 5. or contact Lori Goldstein directly 303-607-4704.

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